Crispy Pata Recipe or crispy pork leg may be a popular Filipino pork dish. This dish is often eaten as a main dish alongside rice and atchara papaya. People also consume it as beer food or pulutan. it’s best when dipped during a spicy vinegar mixture.



How to Cook Crispy Pata Recipe 

Cooking Crispy Pata Recipe is sort of challenging. However, everyone can roll in the hay with proper caution. I felt good the primary time I made this successfully. I consider it as an achievement, then do you have to.

There are two major processes involved in making Crispy Pata Recipe. It involves boiling and deep-frying the pork leg. Boiling is important to tenderize the meat. It also helps make the skin crunchy when fried. Deep-frying completes the dish and provides a pleasant crisp texture. I don’t think that I want to elaborate more.

Boiling the Pork Leg

Start to boil the pasta or pork leg by boiling water during a deep cooking pot. confirm that there’s enough water to the purpose that the leg is fully submerged.


Adding spices and seasonings is suggested during this step because it helps infuse flavors to the meat. The spices also can help reduce or eliminate unwanted odor. For these reasons, I add dried bay leaves or “pinatuyong Dahon ng laurel”, whole peppercorn, star anise, and salt.

Boiling time is vital because it affects the tenderness of the meat. 1 hour of boiling is right. However, you’ll boil longer if necessary. The key during this step is to make sure that the pork leg is totally tender. Remove the pork leg from the cooking pot afterward and let it dry completely.

It is important to rub salt everywhere the pork leg before frying. I also added ground black pepper and garlic powder, but these aren’t required. Let it stay for around quarter-hour to permit the meat to soak up the salt.

Some people will tell you to freeze the pork leg because it helps make the skin crispy when fried. this will be true, but it is often a problem if you don’t have time for it. This recipe will guide you on the way to cook crispy data within a few hours.

Deep-frying the Pata

There are some ways of cooking crispy Pata. The meat must be fully cooked and tender. the whole dish should be saucy. this is often where the magic happens. It is often a touch challenging, but persevere there and celebrate. Always have your guard up all the time.


The first thing to think about is that the pot where the pork is going to be fried. It should be heavy, tall, and with cover. The oil will splatter like hell when frying the pork leg. A tall enough heavy pot gives you additional protection. The cover will act as your shield. you’ll also use a deep fryer that’s large enough to suit the pork leg. it’s safer.

Heat enough oil within the pot. confirm to heat the oil completely before frying the pork leg. the perfect temperature oil the oil should be between 350F to 375F.

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Grab the pork leg with an extended kitchen tong and gently submerge into the recent oil. I’m always holding the duvet of the pot on my other hand in order that I can partially cover it when oil starts to splatter. you would possibly be wondering why I’m not recommending the utilization of a splatter screen. I don’t want you to possess false hopes. A splatter screen is partially helpful. It cannot completely block the splattering oil. Covering the pot with its cover “partially” is that the thanks to going. don’t cover completely to let steam out. Otherwise, the steam turns into water and it drips back to the oil and it’ll cause more splattering action.

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