Buko Pandan Gelatin magically turns into delicious layers of pandan and coconut gelatin. It’s very easy to form and is certain to be a crowd favorite! You guys, Christmas is simply around the corner and that I can’t be more excited! this is often the simplest time of the year; I can hardly wait for all the festivities to urge started.




I’ve been planning special dishes as early as last month and that I now have an honest few recipes. Lined up to post these coming weeks. I hope you remember to see Kawaling Pinoy for meal ideas and inspirations this season.

The last item you would like to stress about during the hustle and bustle of Noche Buena may be a complicated dessert. Buko pandan gelatin makes a shocking centerpiece for all of your family gatherings yet it’s very easy to form.


Unlike the pandan and coconut jelly and therefore the cathedral window gelatin recipes we’ve on the blog which require some kind of assembly. This book pandan gulaman is simply a matter of pouring the flavored mixture into a gelatin mold. because the hot liquid cools and sets, the coconut milk floats on top, creating a two-layer dessert with no extra effort on your part.

Tips on the way to Make Buko Pandan Gelatin

  • Tear the agar-agar bars into small pieces so they’ll soften faster.
  • The package directions state to soak the bars for a half-hour before cooking but I suggest doing it longer to dissolve quicker.
  • For depth of flavor, soak in coconut juice rather than water.
  • Once the coconut milk is added, cook during a simmer and don’t boil the mixture lest the milk curdles and separates.
  • Lightly grease the within of the mold before pouring within the gelatin mixture to form it easier to release the set gelatin.
  • Allow the mixture to chill before covering with the film because the steam might create water puddles on the gulaman.
  • To serve, run the tip of a pointed knife around the fringe of the mold to loosen gelatin and punctiliously invert on a serving plate. you’ll apply a hot, moist towel for about 1 minute to the surface of the mold to loosen gelatin then gently shake the mold to release the gelatin.

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